You get what you pay for..

They say you get what you pay for. With products, services, you name it. Well surfaces are no different. The first point of contact you’ll have with any materials you


What’s a micromundo?

Every artist, design studio or creative company has their history, their trajectory which turns them into what they are. Ana and I come from different backgrounds and our union in


Micro-jewel paintings

Our way of looking at the world means we’re always on the lookout for micromundos. Or it creates them, or both. In this case, there are some examples made of


Stuttgart project: finished!

It’s been more than half a year since we got this comission from a client in Stuttgart. It consisted of two stripes of our “rustik mix” (modified) for a toilet


Micromundo is collaborating with Leka!

8bocas is in Leka Micromundo is collaborating with Leka with a part of our 8bocas collection. Leka is an innovative restaurant where the environment and the quality of the ingredients is the basis for


Kitchen unit and extras

We’ve decided to update this post because there are a few extra parts we’d like to include. This unit was built entirely from off-cuts from the worktop we installed in

escultura de madera 7bocas en paisaje viñas. 7bocas wooden sculpture on a vineyard background.

Siete Bocas in La Rioja Alavesa!

This Easter we went up to Laguardia, in La Rioja Alavesa, with our very own Siete Bocas, and we took it all around the village so it could see a


Handmade mosaic!

We’ve been working away on this project for quite a while, and we’re excited about it being nearly finished. Our client saw our handmade ceramic tiles on our Rustika Green


Magenta y oro

El diciembre pasado produjimos unas pequeñas ilustraciones de hojas de ginkgo entrelazadas, que iban dirigidas a gente especial o empresas a las que admiramos. Usamos un rotring tinta fina negra,


Project: kitchen renovation

These last couple of months since the summer we’ve been busy with various renovation projects, some bigger than others. From refurbishing some basic interior doors which were in a terrible


Interview with Susannah Blaxill

A few months ago, I came across these amazing drawings -breathtaking representations of fruits and vegetables- and I couldn’t get my head around how detailed and full of life they

Emma Whispersred holding our 7bocas Junior plant pot

Hello YouTube!!

We are thrilled to announce that Emma WhispersRed was kind enough to feature some of our pieces in her latest video! She explains the whole story of why she decided


Plants make us happy

We’re sure almost everybody agrees, at this stage, that plants make your life better. There’s plenty of research done on the topic, with the focus set either on natural greenery,

Jimi en la instalación de la artista Toshiko Horiuchi McAdam, en el Takino Suzuran Park. .

One of the seeds of Micromundo

One of Jimi’s great passions are parks, gardens, public and green spaces, as a landscape architect he is. And one of my main passions are the installations in these spaces,

cactus dorados Casa Decor 2017

Our impression of CasaDecor 2018

To start with, neither of us had ever attended an edition of CasaDecor before this year. Coming from landscape architecture and industrial design backgrounds, we’ve focused on other types of

Enclosures and cells

There is a lot of discussion within architecture and landscape architecture about what gives public and private spaces their character, but I decided to rework this competition entry because it explains

Interior de la instalación de la artista Toshiko Horiuchi McAdam, en el Takino Suzuran Park. Inside part of the artist Toshiko Horiuchi McAdam's installation, at Takino Suzuran Park

Una de las semillas de Micromundo

Una de las grandes pasiones de Jimi son los parques, jardines, espacios públicos y zonas verdes, como buen paisajista. Y una de mis mayores pasiones son los equipamientos de esos


Time for marketing… ugh

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in Barcelona they’re constantly talking about how cool being an entrepreneur is. The truth is… it’s not that cool


New coffee table in progress…

This is a new table top we’re making, with very special handmade tiles. These turned out with very interesting effects and we’re very happy with how they look! If we