The time we need to have your purchase packed and ready to be dispatched can vary from 2 to 5 days. After this, the delivery will take place with the following time frame:

–        4 working days in Spain

–        5-10 working days in the European Community

–        10-15, the rest of the world.

The carrier will attempt to deliver the parcel twice. If they cannot locate you, you can pick up the order at their office or contact us to arrange another delivery, if necessary.

Warning: customs may retain the parcel, in any country, and it normally happens at random. If you are unfortunate and this occurs, we cannot accept any liability for delivery delays and extra costs, if any. Delivery time in these circumstances may then increase by a matter of days.

How much will my shipping costs be?

We have reduced our tariffs to the minimum possible. You will see the total cost, after tax, when clicking the option “proceed to checkout”. In Spain (excluding the islands) it can range from 10€ for the small products, 40€ for medium size ones, like coffee tables, and 80€ for big pieces like the Cactus. The same applies to anywhere in Europe: costs normally range from 30€, 60€ to 120€ for the biggest products.